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Garlic tincture can be used externally for the treatment of viral skin infections (athlete’s foot), wounds, or ulcers. Garlic tincture can also be used as a natural remedy for flu, viruses, strep, worms, respiratory ailments, high blood pressure, colds, kidney problems, bladder problems, or ear aches when taken orally. Adults can take as much as 5 drops 4 times per day orally.

HH NEW TINCTURE 006In addition to drops, we offer garlic tincture in a spray bottle- concentrated phytochemicals to spray on your favorite foods. Add garlic flavor and health benefits to any food. Get your daily garlic! Click on any ETSY banner to shop! http://juicing-for-health.com/pressed-garlic-to-reverse-eyesight-problems.html
According to this study, 23 patients with age-related macular degeneration were given high doses of Lipitor, a drug that reduce cholesterol levels. In 10 of those patients, the fat deposits under their retina disappeared and they experienced improvement in vision clarity.
This is when garlic comes into play. Instead of taking Lipitor or Statins that have many harmful side effects, the Annals of Internal Medicine states that eating even half a clove of garlic per day can significantly reduce total cholesterol levels. This is due to the fact that the compounds that are present in garlic prevent cholesterol synthesis. http://www.wakingtimes.com/2013/01/29/garlic-proven-100-times-more-effective-than-antibiotics-working-in-a-fraction-of-the-time/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=PostShare&utm_campaign=AP
Garlic reduces high blood pressure, helps to prevent hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis, reduces the risk of developing rectal and colon cancers, and may lower stomach cancer risks, according to MedlinePlus.
MedlinePlus reports that high doses of aged garlic extract taken daily for 12 months lowers the number of new colon or rectal tumors.
Some individuals taking a garlic powder to treat high blood pressure see an 8 percent reduction. A chemical in garlic called ajoene has antifungal properties, so it is used in a gel to treat ringworm, jock itch and athlete’s foot. While some studies show that diabetics who take Allicor, a garlic product, with their diabetes medication for up to 24 weeks see reductions in blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol, results are mixed.

The issue over SOURCE: China or USA?hh garlic with roots
You can tell the difference by looking at the bottom. If the roots are all removed, leaving a concave, clean spot, it is Chinese. This is required by the Ag Dept. to prevent soil borne plant diseases from entering our country. If the roots are still there, as shown below, it is California garlic. The Garlic Growers Assoc. says not one single US grower cleans out the root end.
Is there a difference in quality? Yes, CA garlic routinely scores a higher BRIX scale rating (sugar content) than Chinese and Chinese garlic is noted by chefs for its metallic bitterness.

Chinese Garlic? No roots.

Chinese Garlic? No roots.

There seems to be some debate over this root vs no root as an identifier to country of source for Garlic. Not only he quality of the herb, but also the pesticide use and growing medium is in question. It seems the best advice is: “Some American-grown garlic lacks root material for a number of reasons, and an absence of that feature isn’t proof positive garlic was specifically grown in China. Garlic origin can’t be definitively via the presence of a root, and those who wish to consume only U.S.-grown garlic would do better to go by brand name (or purchase garlic from a local farmer’s market or CSA outlet).”

hh garlic american

USA Grown Garlic? With roots.

For Herbs Holistics Garlic Tincture, we purchase organic garlic or use what we grow. Organic is always the way for our Herbal Products.
Do your OWN research, and unlock the wonders of Garlic, and other plant medicinals.
For just a little more on GARLIC produced in America…. and more interesting info…. http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Illegal-Chinese-garlic-imports-pounding-U-S-5396865.php#photo-6154245

This snapshot reminds me of the value of HOME GROWN. Maybe to post a how-to.  🙂
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