Anecdotal Observations

Doing as many shows as we have, in so many different venues- IE- Gun Shows, Flea Markets, in establishment displays, online, storefront style….. I have come to a few conclusions on the public idea of holistic health practices.
For the most part, people browse, and ask nothing. Then, there are the folks who look over the products, mention a current ailment, and when given a holistic suggestion reply- my doctor says this, so that is that. I see, for some acute issues, and issues unmanageable, the allopathic way is the way to go… although in combination with appropriate holistics, I feel results would be enhanced.
As of late, I have been noticing a more accepting and insightful reaction to Herbs Holistics…. people are coming up with herbal stories, sharing grandma remedies…. and have actually heard of what we are doing. Turmeric, for instance, but have yet to actually TRY any of these remedies- and then…… the users arrive! Requests come in, specific- like…Do you have any Peppermint? My dog gets flies around his ears and it works great…or…Do you have anything Lavender? And YES, I have heard of Magnesium for anti anxiety….and “I sprinkle Turmeric on my food”…. an open opportunity for education, I explain how you need to augment with Piperine or an oil- like coconut…. for increased bioavailability (up to 2000% ,says the research)
Basically, what I am noticing is a more open minded attitude towards Holistics, as well as an understanding for the need of being prepared, Survival Health. People are beginning to see the side effects of many pharmaceutical treatments, at the very least, and are seeing the benefits of going natural.
Meeting with open minded people gives me incentive to carry on with research and development. We have products IN THE PIPELINE… to be available soon. Close to “On the Shelf” status is Silver Infused Bentonite Clay, for example. An excellent drawing, antimicrobial, healing compound. Tinctures, tonics and tuneups. That’s the future of my personal medical management. Diet and Exercise. Being Independently Healthy is a lifestyle commitment.



Helping you become "INDEPENDENTLY HEALTHY", with a "grow your own" approach to Medicinal Herbs and Permaculture.

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