While people inhale and diffuse essential oils for a variety of reasons, it’s been shown that inhalation is most effective and best suited to treat a variety of respiratory complaints. Bronchial and sinus congestion, sore throats, colds, coughs, bronchitis, influenza… these are all remedied by inhaling the right mixtures of essential oils.  Inhalation of specific oils is also effective in treating stress, anxiety and overall well being.

There are a variety of ways that you can comfortably inhale your favorite oils. The basic premise is simple: get the active compounds of your therapeutic oil into your throat / lungs / blood stream. Since inhalation works over time, bedtime can be the one of best times to apply your oils. I like to have them on hand anytime! You can put drops of oil on your pillow, on a piece of Kleenex or cloth…and inhale. OR use a ready-made, portable inhaler gives another easily pocketable option for inhalation. There you go – a super small set up that’s great for keeping in your purse or pocket. What a convenient way to administer soothing essential oils wherever you may be!
Currently, we offer:


Message us with any custom orders…. We may be able to fill that for you, for your particular ailment. While essential oils prove most effective for the aforementioned uses, they can also support wellbeing in many other ways. Remember that the experiences will vary when inhaling essential oils for emotional purposes. Results are often subjective to the individual.


Simply place under your nose and inhale for a count of five, hold your breath for the count of five, release through the mouth.  The essential oil will permeate the delicate tissues of the sinus, allowing the aroma constituents to do their wonderful work!
Herb’s RELAX Inhaler ~Loaded with Lavender and Frankincense, this inhaler relaxes both emotionally and spiritually, allowing the user to experience a full bodied calm and peace with just a whiff of this easy to carry everywhere inhaler. Lasts for months!

Herb’s TONIC Inhaler ~Primed with Clary Sage, this image-5inhaler proves to be a great overall tonic- relieving anxiety, pain and muscle cramping issues. Also helps with chronic fatigue, digestive issues, and respiratory issues. Clary Sage is a great overall tonic to carry with you wherever you may go! Great for travelling!

image-4Herb’s ANTIMICROBIAL Inhaler ~Soaked in Wild Oregano, Eucalyptus, and Lemon Oils, this inhaler unleashes the germ busting power of these antimicrobial oils.  Lemon Oil is said to boost the immune system as well as being a great antiseptic.  What a great inhaler to have on hand during cold and flu season! Fight those germs before they multiply. Carry this inhaler with you when airborne disease is an issue.

image-7Herb’s FOCUS Inhaler ~ Infused with Lavender and Rosemary, this combination is said to be synergistic in increasing cognitive function when inhaled.  Great for school, work, or any time focusing is needed! Throw it in your backpack for on the spot availability.





The AROMATHERAPY INHALERS are so effective, the decision has been made to create more special blends to support health naturally. The essential oils used have been thoroughly researched and chosen for their effectiveness as well as aroma blend-ability! Carry along, personal, aromatherapy inhalers!
Just Breathe……


Herb’s Picks:

hh-neuro-blendNEUROLOGIC BLEND:

Soaked in Helichrysum and Frankincense, This inhaler serves to be anti inflammatory as well as anti spasmodic.

ANXIETY/PANIC Rx:hh-anxiety-rx
A blend of pure essential oils of Vetiver, Helichrysum and German Chamomile, this inhaler relieves symptoms of Panic Attacks, Irritability and other problematic issues of the Nervous System.


hh-nausea-controlNAUSEA CONTROL:
Feelin Nauseated? Breathe in this aromatherapeutic anti nausea blend of Peppermint, Ginger and Fennel and feel better fast!



SINUS PAIN SUPPORT:hh-sinus-pain
Excellent inhaler for allergic sneezing spasms- this inhaler blend of Eucalyptus, Helichrysum and Frankincense really relieves sinus pain and the itch of allergies.



Of all your five senses, your sense of smell is the fastest way to reach your brain.

When you inhale an essential oil, the benefits are almost instantaneous!

In your nose are smell receptors that respond to scents. These receptors send chemical messages along the nerve pathways to your brain’s limbic system, also known as your “emotional brain.”

Your limbic system controls many basic functions: your breathing, heart rate, memory, stress levels, and even your hormones. It’s intimately involved with your moods and emotions.

When your limbic system or your “emotional brain” is stimulated by the scent of an essential oil, it can have profound effects on your mind and body. Scents can invoke memories, stimulate feelings, and arouse your senses.

However, with essential oils, it’s important to note that your olfactory system isn’t just limited to your nose…

Certain essential oils can be absorbed through your nasal cavity and through your bronchial tract and lungs.

All these “fast track” delivery systems help explain how your body – and your brain – can respond so quickly to a calming or invigorating essential oil scent!

message if you need……









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What is Colloidal Silver?
Colloidal silver is a pure, all natural substance consisting of pure water and submicroscopic clusters of pure metallic silver. Colloidal silver is manufactured by a non-chemical process where the microscopic particles of silver are held in suspension by an electrical charge placed on each particle.

hh colloidal image

Colloidal “Nanoparticle” Silver

What Does Colloidal Silver Do?
Colloidal silver is a germicide. While most antibiotics are effective against about a half-dozen disease causing organisms (germs, bacteria, fungi, parasites and some viruses), silver is effective against over 650 organisms. Colloidal silver is tasteless, non-toxic to living tissue and can be taken orally or applied externally.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe to Take?
The Environmental Protection Agency’s Poison Control Center reports no toxicity listing for colloidal silver and considers it harmless in any concentration. Colloidal silver is the safest and best all around natural antibiotic germ fighter.

What Is Colloidal Silver Effective Against?
Colloidal silver has been proven effective against all species of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and certain viruses and is non-toxic. Based on laboratory tests, destructive bacteria, virus and fungus organisms are killed within minutes of contact.

What Is a Colloid?
A colloid is a substance that consists of ultra-fine particles that do not dissolve, but remain in suspension. These ultra-fine particles are larger than most molecules, but so small they cannot be seen by the naked eye. In a true colloid of silver, the ideal size of the silver particles falls within the range of 0.005 – 0.015 microns in diameter. These particles are electrically charged to activate the germicidal quality of the silver and allow the silver particles to remain suspended in water.

Does Particle Size Matter?
Particle size is a crucial factor. Much of the efficiency of the colloidal solution depends on the actual size and uniformity of silver particles. Particles that are too large are less effective. The preferred particle size for optimum results and safety of use should be from 0.005 – 0.015 microns in diameter.

What About the Color Of The Final Product?
An excellent indicator of the quality of colloidal silver is the color. As the size of each silver particle gets larger, the color of the solution ranges from clear to yellow to red to brown to gray and black. Colloids of silver that are produced using the proper electrolysis method are a different color than the grind or chemically produced colloids, except in the case of some products that contain artificial food coloring to get the right color. The ideal form of colloidal silver is a clear to light yellow color, which in part has to do with using ozonated water in its production. It has been reported that using ozonated water will produce the smallest silver particles.

Are Higher Parts Per Million Like 500 PPM More Beneficial?
In the range of 3 – 20 ppm (parts per million), colloidal silver has little effect on “friendly” bacteria, while being highly useful against infections and eliminating various microbes, viruses and fungi. Colloidal silver that is too concentrated may upset the delicate balance of the digestive tract by destroying significant amounts of friendly bacteria. It may also be toxic due to larger particles which clump together.

What Are Some Uses For Colloidal Silver?
Colloidal silver is tasteless, odorless, non-stinging and non-burning to sensitive tissues – – even a baby’s eyes. It may be taken orally, applied directly to cuts, scrapes, open sores, warts or used as a rinse for acne, eczema and other skin irritations. It may be gargled, dropped into eyes or ears, used vaginally, anally, atomized or inhaled into the nose or lungs.

The number of disease organisms presently identified that colloid of silver is effective is now over 650. Some people wonder why the FDA would allow such a powerful antibiotic to be sold over the counter without a prescription. There are two reasons: The first is that true colloidal silver is a Pre-1938 drug (by over fifty years), proven non-toxic, and is therefore “grandfather”. The second reason is that the FDA has no jurisdiction over a pure mineral element. Since it kills disease causing bacteria, fungi and viruses within a few minutes of contact, but leaves unharmed the “friendly” bacteria, many people take it internally daily as an immune system boost.

How Does Silver Naturally Get Into The Body?
We get silver and all minerals into the body through the food we eat. It gets into our food through living soil where living organisms in healthy soil, of which there are billions in a handful of dirt, break down the soil so plants can assimilate the minerals. Plants convert raw minerals to colloidal form. When we eat the plants, our bodies utilize the colloidal minerals gathered by the plants. These minerals enter the blood stream and are taken to the various organs of our body. Hence, we get silver from plants. If digestion and assimilation are weak, or as the tissues age, we may develop a silver deficiency, and thus an impaired immune system and ultimately, cancer. Many of our soils have been stripped of trace minerals through poor agricultural practices which also cause deficiencies and subsequent health problems.

Does Colloidal Silver Have Any Effect on Cancer Cells?
Dr. Gary Smith (a pioneer in cancer research) in an unpublished article writes that: Success depends on the amount of silver in the person’s body and problems result from the lack of silver in the body. When silver was present, the cancer cells stopped their development and the body is basically restored. When silver levels are low or not-existent, the cancer growth continues to grow because the cells cannot reverse themselves.

Does Colloidal Silver Help in the Fight Against AIDS?
In active AIDS, the suppressed immune system of the body is open to all kinds of diseases, colloidal silver is the perfect non-toxic drug to use for its wide spectrum antibiotic effect. A researcher at Brigham Young University sent colloidal silver to two different labs including UCLA Medical Center, which said, “It killed not only the HIV Virus (in vitro), but every virus that was tested in the lab.” According to the FDA rules, colloidal silver cannot be used for treating the HIV Virus, but it could be used as an antibiotic for all the acquired diseases of active AIDS.

hh silver dropper


How Much Colloidal Silver Should a Person Take Per Day?
When you first start to use colloidal silver, most adults take one or two tablespoons two to three times a day for four to seven days, then as a supplement cut down to about one or two tablespoon a day. (Personally, I leave the bottle on the bathroom counter. I then will take the colloidal silver and swish it around in my mouth for 30 seconds after I brush my teeth in the mornings and evenings.) Children or babies would use a proportionally smaller dose. Optimum dose may require more or less colloidal silver.

Are There Any Known Side Effects From Using Colloidal Silver?
There are no recorded side effects in the medical literature from the use of colloidal silver. Additionally, there has never been a recorded case of a drug interaction. It is non-addicting, the body does not build up a tolerance to it, and studies show that colloidal silver is not deposited under the skin like other silver compounds that may cause gray or bluish skin. It is tasteless, odorless, nontoxic, non-stinging to the eyes, safe for pregnant and lactating women.

If It’s So Great, Why Have I Never Heard of Colloidal Silver Before?
Seventy years ago, colloidal silver was widely used. Colloidal silver retailed at about $100.00 per ounce in the 1930’s. Recent technology has brought the price down so that colloidal silver can now compete in the medical marketplace. Numerous articles in medical journals of colloidal silver can be found dating usually before 1940. New articles and data will soon be appearing as more doctors rediscover this safe and effective solution. For many years there was a law that required hospitals to use a silver solution in the eyes of newborn babies to ensure that they would not go blind if the mother happened to have gonorrhea. The silver compound used was black and ugly, but you could make no mistake that the baby was treated because they would have the tell-tale black eyes for days.

january new herbs pics 061

Colloidal Silver

Since the solution was inexpensive and absolutely effective against nearly all pathogens, the pharmaceutical companies could make no money. They lobbied for and were successful in substituting their narrow band antibiotics. The “antiquated” silver solutions were quietly shelved in favor of modern narrow band or selective antibiotics. Now the doctor would prescribe an antibiotic designed to kill a specific microbe. If it didn’t work, or you got another type of microbe, then he would prescribe another antibiotic. Since there was no money to be made from the inexpensive colloidal silver that killed virtually all of the pathogenic microbes, it was no longer promoted by the pharmaceutical companies, no longer taught in the medical schools and no longer available through standard medical supply sources.

Do I Still Need to Visit My Family Doctor If I Use Colloidal Silver?
Colloidal silver is a great product, but your health is important. When the situation calls for it, visit your health professional.

Is Silver a Mineral?
No, regardless of its particle size, silver is a metal, unless chemically combined with other elements such as sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.
Everyone should stock some colloidal silver…..Survival Health….. Be Prepared.

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on GARLIC…and more….

Garlic Infoshare:




Garlic tincture can be used externally for the treatment of viral skin infections (athlete’s foot), wounds, or ulcers. Garlic tincture can also be used as a natural remedy for flu, viruses, strep, worms, respiratory ailments, high blood pressure, colds, kidney problems, bladder problems, or ear aches when taken orally. Adults can take as much as 5 drops 4 times per day orally.

HH NEW TINCTURE 006In addition to drops, we offer garlic tincture in a spray bottle- concentrated phytochemicals to spray on your favorite foods. Add garlic flavor and health benefits to any food. Get your daily garlic! Click on any ETSY banner to shop! http://juicing-for-health.com/pressed-garlic-to-reverse-eyesight-problems.html
According to this study, 23 patients with age-related macular degeneration were given high doses of Lipitor, a drug that reduce cholesterol levels. In 10 of those patients, the fat deposits under their retina disappeared and they experienced improvement in vision clarity.
This is when garlic comes into play. Instead of taking Lipitor or Statins that have many harmful side effects, the Annals of Internal Medicine states that eating even half a clove of garlic per day can significantly reduce total cholesterol levels. This is due to the fact that the compounds that are present in garlic prevent cholesterol synthesis. http://www.wakingtimes.com/2013/01/29/garlic-proven-100-times-more-effective-than-antibiotics-working-in-a-fraction-of-the-time/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=PostShare&utm_campaign=AP
Garlic reduces high blood pressure, helps to prevent hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis, reduces the risk of developing rectal and colon cancers, and may lower stomach cancer risks, according to MedlinePlus.
MedlinePlus reports that high doses of aged garlic extract taken daily for 12 months lowers the number of new colon or rectal tumors.
Some individuals taking a garlic powder to treat high blood pressure see an 8 percent reduction. A chemical in garlic called ajoene has antifungal properties, so it is used in a gel to treat ringworm, jock itch and athlete’s foot. While some studies show that diabetics who take Allicor, a garlic product, with their diabetes medication for up to 24 weeks see reductions in blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol, results are mixed.

The issue over SOURCE: China or USA?hh garlic with roots
You can tell the difference by looking at the bottom. If the roots are all removed, leaving a concave, clean spot, it is Chinese. This is required by the Ag Dept. to prevent soil borne plant diseases from entering our country. If the roots are still there, as shown below, it is California garlic. The Garlic Growers Assoc. says not one single US grower cleans out the root end.
Is there a difference in quality? Yes, CA garlic routinely scores a higher BRIX scale rating (sugar content) than Chinese and Chinese garlic is noted by chefs for its metallic bitterness.

Chinese Garlic? No roots.

Chinese Garlic? No roots.

There seems to be some debate over this root vs no root as an identifier to country of source for Garlic. Not only he quality of the herb, but also the pesticide use and growing medium is in question. It seems the best advice is: “Some American-grown garlic lacks root material for a number of reasons, and an absence of that feature isn’t proof positive garlic was specifically grown in China. Garlic origin can’t be definitively via the presence of a root, and those who wish to consume only U.S.-grown garlic would do better to go by brand name (or purchase garlic from a local farmer’s market or CSA outlet).”

hh garlic american

USA Grown Garlic? With roots.

For Herbs Holistics Garlic Tincture, we purchase organic garlic or use what we grow. Organic is always the way for our Herbal Products.
Do your OWN research, and unlock the wonders of Garlic, and other plant medicinals.
For just a little more on GARLIC produced in America…. and more interesting info…. http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Illegal-Chinese-garlic-imports-pounding-U-S-5396865.php#photo-6154245

This snapshot reminds me of the value of HOME GROWN. Maybe to post a how-to.  🙂
hh garlic processing     ORDER NOW

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According to the FDA’s legal definition, only a drug can “diagnoses, cures, mitigates, treats, or prevents a disease.”

As many of you know the problem with this definition is that there are numerous substances, as readily available as our spice racks, which have been proven by countless millennia of human experience to mitigate, prevent and in some cases cure disease, which cannot be called drugs according to the FDA. So they cannot be marketed as cures even if they may actually do cure.hh infoshare holistic homeopathic image

Historically the FDA has required new drugs to undergo expensive and elaborate multi-phased clinical trials, which are out of the grasp of any ordinary interest who might want to demonstrate the efficacy of a non-patentable (and therefore unprofitable) herb, mineral, food or spice.

The average out-of-pocket cost for obtaining a new drug approval is over 800 million dollars, and therefore an investor putting capital into bringing to market a substance that does not lend itself to market exclusivity and therefore cannot produce a return on investment, is committing economic suicide, if not also breaking the law. The investor actually has a legally-binding fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders to make a profit. And therefore, capital will not flow into any would-be commodity that can be produced or obtained with ease, including most things that grow freely on this Earth.

herbs passionflower 2


Shortly after the Declaration of Independence, Congress declared that natural substances, e.g. water or salt, were God’s gift to mankind and that therefore products of nature should be limited in their patent protection. While this was a noble declaration, it has actually been used against those whose rights it would protect. It has forced private interests to synthetically alter natural substances — for instance the burgeoning biotech field of recombinant DNA technology, i.e. genetically modified organisms (GMOs) — for the sole reason that it guarantees them ownership/patent rights.

In fact, a medical system that legally requires it make a profit threatens to destroy and/or incriminate itself, if non-patented, non-profitable natural substances or therapies are employed.

As a result, instead of choosing prospective medicines logically: because they work, are easily accessible, and safe, billions of dollars flow in the exact opposite direction, capitalizing only those substances which are unnatural, and therefore while proprietary are almost invariably unsafe, and whose access and administration can be intensively controlled.

According to EzineArticles.com Expert Author Albert Milligan:
While the FDA is designed to protect the consumer base, drug companies manage to manipulate FDA regulations in order to hide natural remedies from the general public. As Kevin Trudeau explains in his book Natural Cures, pharmaceutical companies are interested only in their profits while the FDA manages to inadvertently protect these profits through the regulations designed to maintain control over drug distribution.

Pharmaceutical companies are in the business to make money. These corporations are designed to manufacture drugs and pharmaceuticals for the medical industry and consumers in order to create profit. The profit derived from their products is a result of patents that allow each company to monopolize the market for their drug for a given period of time. This means that drug companies create products that they wish to sell, in large quantities, to the public in order to gain as much profit as possible within the window of the patent. As Kevin Trudeau discusses in his book Natural Cures, pharmaceutical companies will go to any lengths in order to produce profit for their business. For many years, drug companies marketed their products directly to doctors who then proceeded to offer these prescriptions to their patients. Only recently have companies begun to market their drugs to consumers, creating an even larger demand for these expensive, patented medications. Since pharmaceutical industries cannot patent natural remedies or cures, they have no need to educate the public on this topic and prefer to hide any resources touting benefits of natural cures. No large industry can profit from natural cures and, since pharmaceutical companies are designed around profit, they will hide information from the public regarding cheap effective alternatives to their product.

Natural Cures goes on to explain that the FDA takes this one step further by regulating only pharmaceutical drugs, perpetuating the profits and strength of big drug companies. The FDA has no means to regulate natural products that occur in nature and can therefore not determine their quality or consistency in the marketplace. As a result, the FDA only approves pharmaceuticals as treatments or cures for disease. This means that the FDA manages to protect the profits of the drug companies while preventing the consumer from gaining access to cheap, effective natural cures. Furthermore, since only drugs are approved for medical treatment, doctors are only educated and taught about pharmaceuticals, leaving little or no room for alternative remedies and cures to diseases. The cycle continues with the drug companies continuing to use their profits to grow their market for their product through commercials and pharmaceutical representatives, creating an even higher demand while suppressing all information for alternative medicine. Drug companies run on money and there is no money in natural cures.

Both the FDA and pharmaceutical companies are interested in controlling lab-created drugs, ignoring and suppressing the benefits of natural remedies. Kevin Trudeau’s book, Natural Cures, explains in detail the umbrella conditions created by these industries in order to control the medical industry, drug company profits, and prevent natural remedies and cures from entering the marketplace.

Albert Milligan, is a writer and editor of internet articles. If you would like to find out more about the FDA, drug companies and natural cures visit [http://www.naturalcures.ws] we are giving away two free books on this topic.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Albert_Milligan/106852

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/669139

A Reprint I thought was worth sharing.

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Touching on Tinctures……

What is a tincture?

A tincture is a liquid extract made from plants. Tinctures are extracted in either alcohol, vegetable glycerine or apple cider vinegar. Alcohol extracts more medicinal phytochemicals / phytonutrients completely and have an unlimited shelf life. Some herbs will not give up their medicinal properties to a solvent less potent than alcohol.

hh silver dropper


Alcohol-based tinctures are safe for use by pregnant and breastfeeding women, as the amount of alcohol ingested per dose is the equivalent of eating a very ripe banana. They are not recommended for children, mostly because they will hate the taste! Vegetable glycerine tinctures, which are alcohol-free, have a 3-5 year shelf life, and are a bit less potent than alcohol-based tinctures (depending on the herb used – for some herbs the potency will be the same). They are a great choice for children or those who simply prefer a non-alcohol tincture. Apple cider vinegar tinctures have the shortest shelf life, and again, are not as potent as the alcohol-based tinctures. However, apple cider vinegar has some great health-promoting benefits of its own, giving these tinctures a double benefit. I like to put a little ACV in my morning mix.   Herb Lore offers tinctures only in alcohol and vegetable glycerine bases.
Note: Two droppersfull of tincture equals one 8 oz. cup of tea. Placing your tincture in hot (boiling) water will dissipate the small amount of alcohol in your serving.

How long will each size of tincture bottle last?

There are different ways of taking a tincture which depends on the type of tincture being used as well as the reason for use. For example, for nutritive (also known as tonic) herbal tinctures, one would want to use these on a daily basis – typically two droppersful (or squeezes – it will NOT fill the entire glass tube) 2-3 times a day. These types of herbs are like multi-vitamins – they take time to accumulate and work. You wouldn’t expect overnight results by taking a multi-vitamin only once or twice – the same goes for a nutritive, tonic tinctured herb. At this rate, you can expect a 1oz tincture to last 1 week; a 2oz tincture to last 2 weeks; and a 4oz tincture to last a month.

For herbs that you take only once in a while, such as an herb for sleep or relaxation or to calm uterine cramps for example, your tinctures will last you a longer time, as you are not using them several times, each and every day. The length of time each size tincture will last depends on how frequently one uses it. As a ballpark figure, each ounce of tincture contains approximately 42 droppersful (i.e. 1oz = 42 droppersful, 2oz = 84 droppersful, and 4oz = 168 droppersful). A dropperfull only fills up the dropper maybe half way.

Personally, I make fresh ground coffee and put two droppersfull of Ceylon Cinnamon- nutritious and delicious! Sometimes I add a few drops of Cayenne!  Before leaving for the day, I drink a shot of Morning Mix- Cayenne, Turmeric, Spanish Moss, Lemongrass in a shot glass with Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon juice. That gets you going! The Cayenne opens up your circulation getting all the nutrients distributed throughout the body.

Store your tinctures and all of your herbs in a cool, dark cupboard. This includes your cooking spices, which most people keep above a hot stove. Keeping them in a heated area can cause your herbs and spices to become weak more quickly. You may carry and keep tinctures in a purse or briefcase. Be sure not to leave your tinctures in a hot area for long periods of time, such as in a car, as heat can negatively impact the quality of your herbal products.

Feel free to research any herbal remedy before using. I provide information on each tincture offered. The information is endless, so my list is not exhaustive. There is always more to learn, and KNOWLEDGE is POWER, when you use it!

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Anecdotal Observations

Doing as many shows as we have, in so many different venues- IE- Gun Shows, Flea Markets, in establishment displays, online, storefront style….. I have come to a few conclusions on the public idea of holistic health practices.
For the most part, people browse, and ask nothing. Then, there are the folks who look over the products, mention a current ailment, and when given a holistic suggestion reply- my doctor says this, so that is that. I see, for some acute issues, and issues unmanageable, the allopathic way is the way to go… although in combination with appropriate holistics, I feel results would be enhanced.
As of late, I have been noticing a more accepting and insightful reaction to Herbs Holistics…. people are coming up with herbal stories, sharing grandma remedies…. and have actually heard of what we are doing. Turmeric, for instance, but have yet to actually TRY any of these remedies- and then…… the users arrive! Requests come in, specific- like…Do you have any Peppermint? My dog gets flies around his ears and it works great…or…Do you have anything Lavender? And YES, I have heard of Magnesium for anti anxiety….and “I sprinkle Turmeric on my food”…. an open opportunity for education, I explain how you need to augment with Piperine or an oil- like coconut…. for increased bioavailability (up to 2000% ,says the research)
Basically, what I am noticing is a more open minded attitude towards Holistics, as well as an understanding for the need of being prepared, Survival Health. People are beginning to see the side effects of many pharmaceutical treatments, at the very least, and are seeing the benefits of going natural.
Meeting with open minded people gives me incentive to carry on with research and development. We have products IN THE PIPELINE… to be available soon. Close to “On the Shelf” status is Silver Infused Bentonite Clay, for example. An excellent drawing, antimicrobial, healing compound. Tinctures, tonics and tuneups. That’s the future of my personal medical management. Diet and Exercise. Being Independently Healthy is a lifestyle commitment.


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Legally speaking…..

On 26th March 2015 the Department of Health published its ‘Report on the Regulation of Herbal Medicines’, authored by Professor David Walker. You can access the full report at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/advice-on-regulating-herbal-medicines-and-practitioners – but it is summed up thus: –

‘Having taken into account the evidence available and the views of representatives of the sector, I consider that despite strong calls by many for statutory regulation, there is not yet a credible scientific evidence base to demonstrate risk from both products and practitioners which would support this step.’ (p.28).

This effectively puts the whole issue of the statutory regulation of herbal medicine ‘on ice’ for the foreseeable future. Hooray! A victory for clear thinking, common sense and the precautionary principle! Let’s hope this is the end of the top-down dictatorial bureaucracy that has plagued herbal medicine for so long, and heralds a new era for the grass-roots approach to holistic care.

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A Little Background on Plant Medicine

Plants have been used to treat diseases going back at least 65,000 years! The first known written records of the use of medicinal plants was done by the Egyptians, Aztecs, Incas and Sumerians and date back at least 5,000 years. Egypt, India and China still rely on herbal medicines. Twenty five percent of today’s pharmaceutical drugs still have plant ingredients and/or derivatives from PLANTS. Among the 120 active compounds currently isolated from higher plants and extensively used in modern medicine today, 80 percent show a positive correlation between their modern therapeutic use and the traditional use of the plants from which they are derived.

Some of the use of botanicals in modern medicine:
*An enzyme from the Papaya (Carica papaya) that helps to shrink or dissolve ruptured disks in the spine.
*The use of Taxol (Paclitaxel), derived from the bark from Pacific Yew tree against several types of cancer.
*The use of the Rosy Periwinkle, (Vinca rosea), from Madagascar against childhood leukemia,
*Capsaicin from Cayenne pepper (Capsicum fruticosum), to treat the pain of arthritis, shingles, and circulatory health.
*Pilocarpine, (from the Pilocarpus shrub in the Amazon rainforest)
*Arecoline, from the Betelnut (Areca catechu) to treat glaucoma.
*The cancer treatment drug Topotecan is extracted from Camptotheca (Happy tree).
*Curare (from which d-turbocuarine is isolated) and that is used as a general anesthesia and to treat muscular disorders.

More simple compounds are available to us through holistic venues. Doing research on easily obtainable, cultivatable, organic live plants and dried herbs to create home made alcohol extracts is very rewarding. Survival Health. Self sufficient, sustainable health products. Naturally occurring, medically valuable, plant extracts- made bioavailable to you. Stay tuned. Follow Herb! Leave a message, comment, question or product request. Response time- ASAP.

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Welcome to Herbs’ Infoshare.

Health Support in a bottle.

A source of useful information specific to Survival Health.

Obligatory Disclaimer: The herbal remedies and uses within these pages are – to the best of my knowledge safe when used in moderation, except where specified. I have noted hazards and contraindications where appropriate, but nothing takes the place of common sense, moderation, and knowledge of your plant materials when involved in self-medication with plants. These pages are for informational purposes only, and I cannot be held liable for misuse or inappropriate handling of the information within.

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Tinctures, Tonics and Tune ups